Polybutylene (PB)


Polybutene, also called polybutylene (PB), is a thermoplastic polyolefin. In contrast to the branched polyisobutylene, the monomers in the PB are linear and largely isotactic. Polybutene (PB), like polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), is a polyolefin or a saturated polymer. 

In terms of mechanical properties, PB is approximately between PE and PP. PB combines the typical properties of conventional polymers with some properties of engineering polymers.

Properties of PB

  • Good temperature resistance
  • High creep rupture strength
  • Low creep
  • Resistance to many solvents, oils, fats, acids, alkalis, hot water, alcohols and ketones.

Applications of PB

Piping, films, food packaging, processing aids.

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