Polyamide (PA)


Polyamides (PA) are linear polymers with regularly repeating amide bonds along the main chain. The term polyamides is commonly used as a term for synthetic, technically usable thermoplastics. Almost all important polyamides are derived from primary amines. Polyamides are partially crystalline thermoplastic polymers. Polyamides are often used as construction materials because of their excellent strength and toughness.

Properties of PA

  • High strength
  • High toughness
  • Resistant to organic solvents
  • Good processability

Applications of PA

Clothing, parachutes, balloons, sails, ropes, fishing lines, lawn trimmers, coverings for tennis rackets, household items, dowels, screws, plain bearings, electrical insulators, cable ties, adhesive bases, medical tent knots, kitchen utensils, machine parts, suture materials for surgery.

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