our philosophy

A better today, for better tomorrows !

You can easily dispose plastics and production waste, but working with a partner who brings these materials back into the material cycle and makes something new out of them provides a new perspective for our environment. Whatever is left in production, there is certainly a place where it is needed.

It is crucial for us to promote an honest and conscious use of resources. In order to protect our resources, are we constantly developing new solutions to bring plastics back into the production life cycle.

As the inventor and developer of Polycyclogy believe NSB Polymers that, as part of the environmental protection it is crucial to gurantee a honest,valuable and conscientious handling of our resources. In this manner, recycling has to happen now, even before the production, not tomorrow or the day after.

Because, in order to create better tomorrows and a better future we have to create better todays first .

5R Principle

Throughout all our actions, we adhere to our 5R principle

We search and sell materials that can be re-inserted into the production cycle.

We offer the material from our suppliers to the right customers to guarantee the raw material cycle.

We are happy to give our customers and partners material-specific advice to guarantee the correct use of plastics.

We deliver by sea, road and rail to deliver their material in the right time

We offer our customers and suppliers competitiveness and transparency for optimal compensation.