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YOu want To know more about Off-grade, wide spec, near to prime and stoklot

As an international off-grade/widespec trading and distribution company, NSB offers you a wide range of engineering plastics, high-performance plastics, plastomers, additives & modifiers or glass and carbon fibers.

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For Customers & Buyers

As a customer, you set the direction. Therefore, you receive friendly and competent support in all matters. The specially trained team will be happy to advice you the details on all topics.

NSB focuses on your needs and offers you competitive and transparent pricing in order to maximize your success and build trusting relationships.

For Suppliers

Transparency and flexibility are very important in the processes offered for you. As a supplier and business partner, you will experience and enjoy the highest esteem. The specially trained  team is always at your side with help and advice.

Solution-oriented and fast implementation in a wide range of products is the particularly strength for you. Off-grades, engineering plastics, high-performance plastics, standard polymers, additives & modifiers or glass and carbon fiber in various packaging, both in large and small quantities, can be picked up from your locations. With the forward-looking logistics department, every transport is carried out on time and to your complete satisfaction. For your satisfaction best service in every situation.

Your Service

International Export

A bridge between you and the global business partners network.

Service-Oriented Crew

Experienced and solution-oriented service.
Special trained team helps you in all matters whether customs clearance, transport or packaging!

Simplicity and Transparency in all Processes

Concentrate on your core competence - Experienced team will do the rest

Flexible Logistik

The best logistic way will be checked for you, with the market leaders in the field of logistics, in order​ to ensure you with a timely and smooth transport.

Long-standing and Trustworthy Partnerships

Long-term and strong cooperations with business partners, to offer you as customer with a constant supply and you as a supplier with a secure sales market.

Company's own Laboratory

Quality determination and Analyzes, to ensure the quality of materials and offer the best solution!

Why shall I work with NSB ?

  • Secure your loads and payments with experience over 10 years in over 35 countries.
  • Save your time, everything from a to z is organized by an expert logistic department.
  • Speed up your growth and protect your existing market at the same time. By being free to choose where to export or import your goods.
  • Take advantage from the experience and act with a very good conscience. There is a team of experts which swims every day in the ocean and knows the requirements of export out of Europe and import-processes of the exported country.
  • Your freedom is the most important asset, more options on raw materials with the offered know-how, laboratory checking’s, warehouse stocking, packaging or neutralization upon request.

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