Fiber Glass & Carbonfiber

Description and Properties of Fiber Glass

Fiber Glass is a long glass fiber made of glass. During production, thin threads are drawn from a glass melt and processed into a large number of end products. Glass fibers are used as optical waveguides for data transmission, as roving or as textile fabric for heat and sound insulation.

They are also used for glass fiber reinforced (GR = Glass Fiber Reinforced) plastics. These plastics are today one of the most important materials.GR (Glass Fiber Reinforced) Plastics are aging and weather resistant, chemically resistant and non-combustible. Their high modulus of elasticity is used to improve the mechanical properties of plastics.

Description and Properties of Carbonfiber

Carbonfibers are industrially manufactured fibers from carbonaceous raw materials that are converted to graphitic carbon by chemical reactions. A distinction is made between isotropic and anisotropic types: Isotropic fibers have a lower technical significance, anisotropic fibers show high strengths and stiffnesses with low elongation at break in the axial direction.

They can be mixed with polymers as chopped carbonfibers and processed into plastic components by extruders and injection molding machines. Carbonfibers are mainly used for the production of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP = C-fiber reinforced plastic)

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