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About Us

NSB Polymers GmbH is an global acting trading company which have been specialized in off-grade materials. Since its foundation in 2009, NSB has been experienced constant growth offering sales, processing, packaging and storage of various off-grade materials. We have specialized in off-grade plastics, additives & modifiers  and fibers like glass and carbonfiber.


Over 12 years experience in Off-Grade Plastics trading.


International active, with long-term partnerships and access to various markets in 55 countries.

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Experienced and solution-oriented service. The specially trained team will help you with all your questions; customs clearance, transport or your individual packaging!


Every year NSB is shipping 35.000 tons of off-grade materials from Germany to the whole world


The experienced team will gladly take care for you; Annoying customs, Export matters or Transport.

New Strong Bindings

Our focus is on being successful together with our customers and suppliers. NSB Polymers acts as a distribution bridge between our suppliers and clients, promoting their growth.

Our job is to connect people and worlds in the plastic market.

That is why NSB stands for “New, Strong, Bindings”.

As the inventor and developer of Polycyclogy believe NSB Polymers that, as part of the environmental protection it is crucial to gurantee a honest,valuable and conscientious handling of our resources. In this manner, recycling has to happen now, even before the production, not tomorrow or the day after.

In order to create better tomorrows and a better future we have to create better todays first .

A better today for a better tomorrow !