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Unternehmensgeschichte EN


Company's history


A few years ago, we flew with a supplier from Germany to Hong Kong to take a break from the day-to- day work and also to build up our relationships with new customers.
My supplier could only speak German. The customer could not speak German. So there was supposedly no possibility of communication.
Anyway, we enjoyed the time very much and had a lot of fun together. Although there was no direct communication among each other, we could communicate, build business and friendships and have experienced unforgettable moments. Even today we meet regularly and talk about our experiences.
Since this trip, our orientation has become clear. Our task is to connect people and worlds in the plastic market.
After the first mentioned meeting of the customer and supplier, they were able to record a growth of over 15% by joint business.
It made it clear to us, that if we take our role as a distribution bridge between two people or companies, we support our friends on their way to success, in the best way.
For this reason NSB Polymers GmbH stands "New strong bindings".
- Serkan Basin -

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Unternehmensprofil EN


About our company


Since its establishment in 2009, NSB Polymers has been growing constantly and develops new polycyclogy strategies for the guaranteed cycle

To this end, NSB Polymers offers the marketing, treatment and storage of various plastics raw materials.
The company is made up of a team of international employees who support business partners all over the world from their headquarters in Dormagen.

In order to protect and conserve resources, NSB Polymers continuously develops new solutions to put plastics back into the production cycle. To do so, NSB Polymers uses its own, independently developed 5R Principle for every action.

By applying the 5R Principle, suppliers and customers maintain a guaranteed raw-material cycle, since it addresses the values and demands of the individual in question. Transparency in procedures and outstanding consulting form the foundations and cornerstones of the work.

As inventors and developer of Polycyclogy, our position is:
Environmental protection was yesterday! Valuable management of the environment is the main thing now.
As such, recycling has to happen now – not tomorrow or the day after – and honest and conscientious handling of resources in harmony with customers and suppliers must go along with it.

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Neue Starke Bindungen EN

New Strong Bindings

The focus is on growing customers and suppliers by handling transactions together.

In this context, NSB Polymers assumes the role of distribution bridge between you and the customer or supplier, thus promoting your growth.

As such, NSB Polymers stands for new, strong bindings.


Short and sweet – 6 reasons for NSB


  1. For your freedom and more applications for your materials thanks to the know-how offered.
  2. Connecting people and worlds with various mentalities for greater success, empathy and integration.
  3. Simplicity and transparency in processes.
  4. NSB swims in deep waters every day and knows the requirements of the export business.
  5. A secure sales market for customers and suppliers
  6. Your chance to be part of a new, strong binding.
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Produkte EN


We offer the following product groups specifically for our customers and suppliers:

  1. Rare plastics
    such as LCP, PEEK, PSU, WAXE, etc. in various forms as granulates and recyclates. 
  2. NT / Off-Grade
    various NT goods and off-grade materials with deviations from the technical properties. 
  3. Semi-finished products
    such as second or third-choice materials which are used in foreign and developing countries.
  1. Technical plastics
    such as PA, PC, PMMA, in any shape 
  2. Contaminated plastics
    for which it is assumed that no sales channels can be found. As granulate and recyclates in various forms. 
  3. other raw materials
    such as glass, carbon or aramid fibres in various forms.
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Material-Liste EN

We are constantly on the lookout for the following materials for our customers in Africa and the Middle East:

Off-grade / NT goods / Recyclates


Additive und
as well as
Carbon fibre
Aramid fibre
Films on rolls

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News and Stories EN

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Our team is at your service for your requests and suggestions


Business and distribution management
Serkan Basin
+49 2133 – 7909011

Purchasing management and sales
Ferhan Alacaoglu
+49 2133 – 7909015

Sedat Bicakli
+49 2133 – 7909014

Hanife Öztürk
+49 2133 – 7909010

Transport and organisation
Beyhan Köse
+49 2133 – 7909012

Warehouse logistics
Caner Erinc
+49 152 – 37144090

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We are available for your enquiries at any time!



Sales office

Bahnstraße 150
41541 Dormagen
Tel: 02133-7909010
Fax: 02133-7909019


Warehouse address

Böttger Straße 2
41540 Dormagen
Tel: 02133-2854340
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